Convert 17.42 m to customary units. A.57'-17/8" B. 36-10 1/2" C. 442 1/2" D. 367/8" E. None of these answers is reasonable.

Accepted Solution

Answer:E. None of these answers is reasonable.Step-by-step explanation:Customary units are inches, feet, yards, and miles.Since,1 foot = 0.3048 meters,β‡’ 1 meter = [tex]\frac{1}{0.3048}[/tex] feet,17.42 meters = [tex]\frac{17.42}{0.3048}[/tex] feet[tex]=\frac{174200}{3048}\text{ feet}[/tex][tex]=57\frac{ 464}{3048}\text{ feet}[/tex][tex]=57\frac{58}{381}\text{ feet}[/tex]Now, 1 feet = 12 inches,β‡’ [tex]\frac{58}{381}[/tex] feet = [tex]\frac{12\times 58}{381}[/tex] inches= [tex]\frac{232}{381}\text{ inches}[/tex]Hence,17.42 meters = [tex]57\text{ feet }\frac{232}{381}\text{ inches}[/tex]= 57' 232/127''That is, None of these answers is reasonable.