At what value of x do the graphs of the equations below intersect? 2x – y = 65x + 10y = –10

Accepted Solution

Answer:x = 2Step-by-step explanation:You would find a value of y to plug into either of the equations. For example, I chose the equation 2x - y = 6. When I set it equal to y, I got y = 2x - 6Now that I know what y is equal to, I plugged it into the second equation to get 5x + 10 (2x - 6) = -10You then would calculate for x.Your end result should be x = 2, which is the point that the two equations intersect This works because the two equations are set equal to each other, making them share a common value between them. You can also plug both of these equations into a graphing calculator, and on the graph select the command to calculate the intersection. Hope this helped!