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DUI Education and Treatment

People who get DUI convictions receive their level of care from the alcohol evaluator, usually at the Probation Department. Depending on which track is required, a person might be in education for as little as 12 weeks or might be in education and therapy for as long as 13 months.

The DUI laws changed January 1st! Those who refuse to take the test (even if it is their 1st offense) are now required to complete Level II Education and Level II Therapy AND have a two year ignition interlock requirement. The defined persistent drunk driver BAC level dropped from .17% to .15%. DUI offenders who have lengthy driver’s license revocation periods due to multiple DUIs or refusals now may be eligible to reinstate with the installation of an ignition interlock and enrollment in Level II.

Anger Management

Individuals who struggle dealing with their emotions in healthy and socially appropriate ways or who have been court ordered to attend an anger management program will usually be enrolled in 12 weeks of anger management therapy (this depends on specific treatment needs).

Minor in Possession Education and Therapy Courses

Adolescents who receive a first citation of possessing alcohol under the age of 21 years old are required by state standards to complete 8 hours of education. An adolescent’s second MIP requires the adolescent to complete an evaluation and a minimum of 12 hours of education and treatment. An adolescent’s third and subsequent MIP requires the adolescent to complete an evaluation and a minimum of 18 hours of education and treatment.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

Adolescents who are on Diversion or Probation and required to complete a substance abuse evaluation may be recommended to enroll in substance abuse treatment, where a client would participate in individual therapy with length of treatment determined by the level of care.

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